2:13 pm …….. Answer Me

March 1 — Answer Me

A lowly TV Station Manager working overtime enters a surreal world with no idea how he got there.

Director — Zachary Shafer

Zachary Shafer

SatEx Filmworks was established February 2014 by Zachary “Zach” Shafer in College Station, TX.

Zach Shafer, a current Junior at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX studying Film Production.

Zach has worked on a multitude of projects and various companies since 2012. From KAMU/TTVN at Texas A&M to CSISD to RDM Pros to SHSU.

He has worked with many different people over the years learning and teaching others along the way each and every day.

Zach gets his inspiration from many people in his life from Khoi Nguyen, Devin Graham of DevinSuperTramp, Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson to Leonard Welch, Dustin Baltis, and many others that he has met along his path.

Zach has always had a taste for the alternative when it came to life such as Muse, Twenty One Pilots to films created by indie filmmakers. Anything to go against the grain.