9:49 pm …….. Here Comes The Neighborhood

March 1 — Here Comes the Neighborhood

Director — Michael Charron


As far back as he can remember the movie theater has been Michael’s favorite place to be. As a child, he got lost for hours in the stories he found there, in a dark room, set apart from the “real” world. As he grew, Michael began to see the movie theater as a place where traditions are subverted–where the status quo gets turned on its head. And this is where his writing sensibilities lie–in taking an established concept or idea and finding a way to turn it into something completely different. From slasher films where the “sexy” girls are the most competent ones to a rom-com where the meet cute takes place during casting for a snuff film, there’s no trope he’s unwilling to push to its limit.

From an early age he was a storyteller, crafting worlds that he and his friends would play in, but it wasn’t until much later that he even realized he could be the guy to create the movies he so loved. After years of pursuing music performance and production, Michael sat down to write his first script, which he eventually turned into a movie. Since then he’s written more than fifteen feature films (and produced four of them) as well as a handful of shorts. Michael has had several scripts place as semi-finalists in festivals and has had multiple short films win awards at film festivals in recent years, including two that took top honors.