1:38 am …….. The Sisterhood of Girls Who Won’t Date Me

March 2 (am) — The Sisterhood of Girls Who Won’t Date Me

When sheepish high school senior Luke Modeno finds out that all of the girls at school have taken a secret oath not to date him, he must discover why. But his search for answers reveals some dark secrets about the school and the students there.

Director Biography

Radbill is a young, Jewish filmmaker from Frederick, Maryland, currently living in sunny Los Angeles, California. After studying film at Towson University, he has become an independent filmmaker, chasing his dreams and making them a reality.

When not making films, Radbill loves watching films, appreciating coffee, and making lame jokes.

Director Statement

This film, which I started writing my junior year of college, is very important and personal to me. The idea of discovering who you are and where you fit in with your peers, but also learning to appreciate and understand your peers and the world around you is something that I learned and felt very strongly about while making this film. The film is about more than just getting a date, but about discovering your self-worth, something that I believe is imperative throughout high school and real life.